A Complete Immigration Solution for Australia

Avoiding Pitfalls

Australia's immigration policy, laws and procedures are highly complex and subject to frequent changes. Rather than risking your future by self-managing the process, engage Pathway Lawyers & Migration Agents to assist you in your planned move and help you choose the right visa for Australia. Pathway's team is acutely aware of these ongoing changes, ensuring you receive complete and proper legal and migration services. 

The Right Visa

Pathway's legal and migration credentials mean our team provides you with a comprehensive and cost-effective relocation strategy that best fits your situation. We take pride in meticulously examining all of your circumstances, to ensure that the right Australian visa is chosen, and requirements met to apply for the best visa for you. 

Legal Services

With over twenty years of experience in the South African legal system, the Pathway team is well equipped to suitably deal with and resolve all of your legal issues in view of your impending immigration to Australia from South Africa. As certified Australian solicitors Pathway is also perfectly positioned to take care of all of your Australian legal needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide ongoing, quality and tailored legal advice to help you set up and make the most of your new life (and business) in Australia.

Obligation-Free Appraisal

For an obligation-free appraisal of which Australian visa best suits your personal circumstances, contact Pathway's experienced immigration specialists. Newly signed clients will receive a complementary 30 minute consultation on general relocation issues. 

Your Obligation-Free Appraisal

For an obligation-free appraisal of your CV, skills, employment and education history, and to see whether a skilled migration visa is right for you, fill out our online assessment form, and we will contact you for a consultation within 24 hours.