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Do I need a visa for Australia?

Yes. Anyone who does not have an Australian passport must have a visa when traveling to Australia.

Can I work in Australia?
How can I find my visa restrictions?
How can I find out what kind of visa to apply for?
How do I apply for an Australian visa?
Do I need to translate my documents? If so, who can translate them?
Who can certify my documents?
What is the recommend IELTS score to apply for an Australian Visa?
Do I need to go through medical examination to apply for a Visa?
When I will be required to have a health insurance?
How long will it take to process my visa application?
What documents are required with a visa application?
Do I need a migration agent to apply for a visa?
Can I reaply for a student Visa when I finish my studies?
Can I bring my family dependants to Australia with me? Are they allowed to work?
How long does it take to get a permanent residence visa?
Why do Registered Migration Agents' fees vary?
Can I lose my Australian Permanent Residency status?

Skilled Migration

What is an EOI?

An EOI is not a visa application, it is an indication that you would like to be considered for a skilled visa.
You will be asked to provide a range of information in your EOI depending on the visa(s) you want to be considered for.

Expression of Interest (EOI) is not a visa application and doesn’t give you a bridging visa.

Once you have completed your EOI, you will receive a notification from SkillSelect. Your EOI will be stored in SkillSelect and is valid for two years.

How long before to receive an invitation?
What happens if I claimed more points to receive a faster invitation?
Can the Department extent the deadline for my EOI?

Investor Visa

Do I need to be sponsored to apply for an Investor Visa?

Yes, applicants need to be sponsored by a participating State or Territory Government to be eligible to apply for an Investor Visa.

What is the innovation point test and what is the pass mark?
What is the minimum net personal and business assets required for and Investor Visa?
Do I have to sit for the IELTS test?
Can I include assets under my partner’s name?

Sponsored Visas

Can my sponsor cancel my visa?

Your sponsor cannot cancel your visa. Only the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) can cancel your visa. However, your sponsor can inform the DIBP that they are no longer your sponsor which will signal the DIBP to begin the visa cancellation process.

Can I move to a new sponsor?