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Australia's Immigration Wave From South Africa

Given how obviously buoyant immigration is post-pandemic, and how many visas we have successfully processed recently, I am acutely aware that there have been many new arrivals on Australian shores recently.

That said, I have had some unique experiences recently that have got me asking, is this a new immigration wave – in particular from South Africa?

Some of the recent first time encounters I have had, causing me to question the existence of the wave are:


  • Randomly bumping into several South African clients and acquaintances at my local mall.
  • Getting into a conversation and helping a South African stranger at a local petrol station who was struggling to fill his car. (For my non-South African followers, this is not an act South Africans conduct themselves for the most part!)
  • Meeting my son’s new cricket coach, who’s been in Sydney for just few months and is already teaching at my son’s school. He mentioned that he loves using South African slang and colloquialisms with the kids!
  • Hearing Afrikaans being spoken on at least 3 separate occasions.

Whether it’s truly a wave is hard to say, and perhaps the above is more symptomatic of South African immigrants given the considerable difficulties being felt in the country of late.

What is clear, however, is that people have, and are, taking advantage of the extremely amenable current climate around immigration to Australia, and making the move in droves - not a moment too soon given the skills crisis, in my view.

And this is just the start. There have been several publications recently that indicate that the states are still struggling to meet the increased thresholds to alleviate the crisis.

So if you are skilled (in any walk of life) and considering making the move, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET STARTED.

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