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New Regional Areas

In the lead up to 16 November, there have been even more significant announces.

Firstly, and I’m sure very pleasingly to many of our members, Perth and the Gold Coast will be reclassified as regional areas and no longer as major cities, allowing more skilled migrants to settle and work there.

This is significance, since many prospective migrants desire to live in these areas but because there were no regional paths available, they were not an option. As previously mentioned, the new regional visas will have longer occupation lists, and only when those are released will we be able to tell which regions sponsor which occupations. I will keep you posted about that when they’re released. But if those regions do in fact sponsor your occupation, then it really may be worthwhile to consider these options.

Secondly and even more significantly, the Government has designated a further 2,000 regional visas meaning the total number of regional places increases to 25,000 up from 23,000. So there are even more spots available for applicant.

As a reminder of what I have said before, regional visa applicants will get more points towards their visa applications, will be eligible for priority processing and entitled to permanent residency after three years.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was quoted as saying “The new system is a key pillar of the Government's Population Plan. It will ease the pressures in our three largest capital cities, while providing incentives for migrants to live and work in regional Australia”.

So, in essence, while you are considering your options regarding immigration to Australia, it may also be of benefit to consider moving to areas where getting the visa will be easier than others.

If you would like more information regarding regional visas please feel free to send us an email to - David Dadic

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