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Now that the states have all recently opened

Now that the states have all recently opened, I am very pleased to inform that we have lodged dozens of fresh Expressions of Interest for our clients seeking skilled visa invitations from the various states.


It brings much joy to see how extremely happy they all are to see their processes actually move forward after sitting idly for so many years.


That said, it has, in the lodging of the Expressions of Interest, become quite apparent that many people are not fully aware of the skilled visa options and the benefits they offer.


Most people understand that the subclass 189 (which is very difficult to attain) and the state sponsored subclass 190 offer full permanent residence. And upon receiving these visas, the applicant is entitled to free health care, schooling and can live and work anywhere in the state they like.


But many clients (and prospective migrants) are generally not fully aware of the positive ramifications of the regional subclass 491 visa and thus quite resistant towards it.


Yes, in some states you cannot live in the main city for 3 years, while on the regional visa and yes, you will need to remain on the regional visa for 3 years post arrival before being eligible for permanent residence, but do you realise that with this visa:


     a)     You can live in the main city in Western Australia – Perth; South Australia – Adelaide; and ACT -Canberra,                all of which are in the top 35 most liveable cities in the world, above London, Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris                and New York

     b)     You and your spouse or partner can work in any field you like while on the visa, so even if you struggle                    to find employment in your own field (which is very unlikely given the record low unemployment at the                  moment) you can look at infinite employment alternatives

      c)     You are still eligible for free Government health care as you would be if you had permanent residence

      d)     Your children would enjoy free schooling in several states, and this can be researched when           considering your state options


Most significantly the processing time of 491 visas will, once the current processing backlogs have been dealt with, go back to the way to the way it was pre-pandemic where they were processed on a priority basis. So, if your desire is to get to Australia as soon as possible then this will be a far better option than the subclass 190 which can take ages to be processed.


Given the above, I think it’s fair say that the subclass 491 is a great option.  


If you are skilled and wish to find out if you are eligible for a 491 visa, please email your CV to me at and we will complete a FREE assessment for you.


But don’t delay as people are rushing in now that the borders are open.

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