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There is no denying it: right now, it feels like immigration to Australia is stuck in limbo.

It’s plain to see that things are opening up, yet tens of thousands of skilled migrants are still either waiting for their visas to be processed or for their invitations to be able to apply for a visa. As eager as they are to get here, it’s still quite challenging for many skilled applicants.


At the same time, employers are growing increasingly more desperate for skills and businesses are effectively coming to a standstill because the government won’t let skilled migrants in. I have never, in all my years, had this many employers reach out to ask me if I have candidates on my books to fill roles.


It’s a vicious cycle which for the moment seems to have no end in sight.


That said, I remain ever positive that opportunities for skilled migrants will become progressively more and more available in the coming months – the government has been quite candid on this – but understandably many migrants and growing businesses cannot wait any longer.


I think it’s for this reason that more and more of my clients have recently applied for and been successful in obtaining sponsored employment. I have also never, in all my years, been this active with sponsored visas.


And, when speaking to the first-time sponsoring employers, they are for the most part quite surprised at how straightforward and swift this process can be.


So, really the point of this post, is to tell skilled migrants to get on the recruitment websites and apply for roles, you really never know what could happen.


And, business owners, do not be afraid of the sponsorship process, and give overseas applicants a fair go. They may be exactly what your business needs and who, at least for now, are difficult to source locally.


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