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Victoria's Skilled Migration Program IS NOW OPEN TO OFFSHORE APPLICANTS

I have just received an email from the Victorian State Government informing that Victoria's Skilled Migration Program IS NOW OPEN TO OFFSHORE APPLICANTS.

The emails reads that in addition to applicants living in Victoria, they will also be selecting applicants living outside Australia for the subclass 190 & 491 visas in ALL ELIGIBLE OCCUPATIONS on the relevant Department of Home Affairs occupation lists.

That means that ANY occupation can apply for a 190 or 491 visa provided the occupation is on the relevant short or long term list.

THIS IS HUGE - as it was always the case in the past that state occupation lists were limited to the state's specific needs, but given the current critical skills shortages, it appears they will consider everyone.

The email goes on to say that as with previous years, applicants will first need to submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) and then be selected on competitive merit to apply for visa nomination. Before submitting a ROI, applicants should ensure that they meet all eligibility requirements. At Pathway we specialize in ensuring our clients submit the best possible ROI based on their specific circumstances.

As I have said time and again, there are going to be massive opportunities for skilled migrants in the very near future and this is just the start. I expect all the other states to open soon as well and to take a similar stance with their occupation lists.

If you have a desire to live in Victoria (or any other state for that matter) please reach out today at to see how we can assist you. There is going to be a massive response to this, so the sooner the better.

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