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What is the significance of being a MARA agent?

Anyone who wants to be a migration agent in Australia must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). MARA is part of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and is responsible for regulating migration agents and their services.

The responsibilities of MARA

MARA is responsible for ensuring:

  • People who need immigration services know their rights
  • Registered migration agents (RMA) understand their obligations and have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide accurate and timely advice

Only suitable people are RMAs and they are monitored for their conduct and the quality of their advice

Anyone who uses an RMA can make complaints if required.

What can a MARA agent do?

A migration expert registered with MARA can:

  • Give advice on visas and help you choose the right visa for you
  • Lodge a visa application on your behalf
  • Work with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to progress your visa application

A migration consultant who is registered with MARA is required to have appropriate qualifications and are bound by a Code of Conduct that ensures they act in a professional way and in your best interests.

What happens if my migration agent is not registered with MARA?

If your migration consultant is not registered with MARA, they are not legally allowed to provide you with advice or assistance with your visa application. You also have no way of knowing if the advice they are giving you is correct or if they are preparing your application correctly.  

You can see if your migration agent is registered with MARA here.

At Pathway Lawyers & Migration Agents, our advisors are registered with MARA and have the skills necessary to effectively deal with all of your migration concerns. If you would like assistance with migrating to Australia contact our experienced advisors.

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