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Why do I need an expression of interest (EOI) for my skilled migration visa application?

If you want to apply for an Australian skilled migration visa, you must first complete an Expression of Interest (EOI).

What is an EOI?

An EOI is an online form that allows you to notify the Australian immigration department of your interest in applying for a skilled migration visa. There is no fee to submit an EOI and it can be done from either inside or outside Australia. Once you complete an EOI, the Australian immigration department can then - and only then - invite you to commence the formal visa application process for a skilled visa.

It is important to note that an EOI is NOT a visa application. It is a pre-requisite that tells the government that you would like to be invited to apply for a skilled visa. Due to this, the Australian Government’s decision to grant you an invitation based on your EOI is not subject to review.


An EOI can only be submitted via the Australian Government’s online platform; SkillSelect. You will be required to open a SkillSelect Account, which will be used to manage your details and any future applications. For the EOI, SkillSelect will ask you a series of questions which will be used to determine if you meet the point-based criteria to attain skilled migration status.

SkillSelect may also require you to attach supporting documentation to your EOI such as an English language test, skills assessment or proof of completion of a job ready program. It is important that you check the requirements of the specific skilled visa you wish to apply for before commencing your EOI.

Invitation to Apply

If you do not receive an invitation to apply for a visa, your EOI will be stored for two years. You can update the information in your EOI at any point before you receive an invitation. You must ensure all information in your EOI is accurate at all times.

If you successfully receive an invitation from the Australian Government, you will then have 60 days to accept by completing and lodging your formal visa application.

The Australian Government will issue a maximum of two invitations per EOI. If you do not accept either invitation in the time period, your EOI will expire and you will have to resubmit a new one to receive further invitations. T

here is no limit to the amount of EOIs you can submit.

Your EOI will set the foundations for the success of your future visa application. If you would like further assistance with preparing or submitting your EOI, you can contact our skilled migration lawyers at Pathway Lawyers & Migration Agents for timely and cost-effective advice.

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